Drayton Reserve Volunteers

Drayton Reserve

Report 18, 31 August 2017

Next Working Bees

Sunday 10th Sept 2pm and Saturday 30th Sept 2pm at the (upper) Waterfall Lookout. We will finish planting some remaining seedlings, weed, water and stake others and start clearing broom, saltbush, fennel, etc., in the next planting areas

rocky outcrop beforerocky outcrop after

Rocky Outcrop Ecosystem Before and After

Recent Work

We had 4 working bees this month! with 7 of us on Sunday 13th Aug, about 50 University students on Tuesday 15th Aug (clearing broom and saltbush etc near Glenstrae Rd),  8 BNZ Closed For Good volunteers (thanks to David Cox arranging) most of the day on Wednesday 23rd Aug, and 14 of us on Saturday 26th Aug.  We have now planted a large area for a Rocky Outcrop Ecosystem between Avery Place and the Waterfall Lookout. This area will be a habitat for lizards, insects and berry feeding birds. We have also done a lot of infill planting in the Lower& Toe Slope Ecosystems below the waterfall and main track. Thanks to Barb for the delicious muffins which have been fuelling us! 


The BNZ volunteers, Jeff Turner and I, have now spread most of the shingle. The last heap at Craigieburn Lane will be spread when the upper section of the main track becomes drier.  If you live near this shingle pile, please keep an eye out for people helping themselves! This section of track is extremely wet and muddy from Craigieburn Lane stormwater and has been exacerbated by occasional inconsiderate bikers and walkers. We suggest you avoid it completely for another month or so and please don’t follow side tracks amongst seedlings we have planted near the track (you will compact the soil and may trample small seedlings).  We are still waiting for extra “slot-drains” from Council which we will install to avoid the track getting so wet in future. 


We have ended up with just over 800 seedlings this year. 720 are already planted and the remainder will be planted on Sunday 10th and some casual planting outings! Thanks to Richard & Pru Edmond for their donation and Barb and I have donated too. Thanks also to Di Cowan for getting plants from Little River and to Bridie for organising all the Council supplied plants.

It has been especially satisfying to get most of the seedlings planted by the end of August. Last year we didn’t finish planting until mid-October. This will give seedlings a good start in damp conditions and hopefully will mean less watering over summer/autumn.


We now have at least  60 species of plants in the Reserve. Those which we have re-introduced this year are:  kowhai, yellow-wood, heart-leaved kohuhu, matagouri, pale-leaved mikimiki, cotton-wood, corokia, native broom, porcupine shrub, biddibiddi, Spaniard, titoki, NZ verbena, matai, NZ myrtle, tree fuschia, blood-wood, pigeon-wood, veined coprosma, round-leaved coprosma and red-fruited mikimiki.

Animal Pests

The tally for the Reserve and adjoining areas for August was:  4 possums, 1 rat and 2 mice.  Another low month. Thanks to our trappers and let’s hope we can keep on top of the pests.


There has been no progress and we need help to load data. If anyone can help, please contact me.


Thanks to Christine Toner for donating some useful tools and we are reasonably well off for tools now. Repair and maintenance is the next issue with two more broken grubbers! If you would like to fix such things please contact me.


We are receiving a visit from 70 Mt Pleasant School students aged 6/7 on 21st September, along with several parents and teachers, to learn about our native trees, animals and habitats. If you would like to help with talking about these things with kids please contact me.


We now have 100 supporters on our email list and look forward to having more volunteers join us for a chat and helping hand on our future working bees. You are sure to find it very satisfying planting and caring for native trees and wildlife and restoring the Reserve to its former glory, especially for the local community.  

If you want to volunteer any time or resources to this long-term community project, contact Dave Bryce 021363498 or email: ecosolutions@xtra.co.nz.