Drayton Reserve Volunteers

Drayton Reserve

Report 45, 30 November 2019


Sunday 15th Dec  9am   .... Meet at the Virginia Lane bridge we will be weeding, mulching and watering seedlings. 

LAST WORKING BEE FOR 2019… Saturday 21st Dec  9am … Meet at junction of Main and Avery tracks … we will be weeding, mulching and watering seedlings. 

We will also continue to have extra sessions at 9am on Wednesdays and Saturdays in Dec. 

Working Bees for January will be Sunday 12th  and Saturday 25th   9am.  


We had one normal working bee this month, on Sunday 10th (9 of us incl 3students). We also had 5 extra bees on 13th16th , 20th, 23rdand 27th (13 of us), clearing and mulching seedlings. Other work included clearing weeds, mulching, watering and checking traps. Thanks to those involved, to those who have also worked on other days and to Barb for biscuits.  


This was a great event (despite a low turnout) and the $50 prize voucher from Trees for Canterbury was won by Steve and James Deane (pictured below). Congratulations guys and thanks to TFC and all those who came, it was good to see the high level of awareness of what is in the Reserve to enjoy. Thanks also to Colin Meurk for officiating and also introducing us all to a totally new dimension of the Reserve… micro flora and fauna under a 10x magnifying glass. Those lichen look like the coral on reefs with bright red spider mites and other tiny bugs climbing over them! We may have some photos of them next month. 



This month we had 58mm rainfall (86 mm last Novand 110mevapotranspiration (108mm last Nov).  This means that seedlings need about 72mm of  water already. We are still about 40mm down on the average rainfall at this time of year but even if we caught up there would still be moisture deficit. We therefore need to start watering seedlings regularly. 

Adopt a Tree Scheme

Could you please adopt about 6 plants each, tie your own cotton ribbons on their stakes so you can easily find them and try to give them about 500ml of water each week (can do 6 seedlings with 3L). There will be several 3L milk bottles at water tubs, the stream pond above the Waterfall Lookout and where the track meets the stream below the waterfall. Leave your empty bottles at any of these places. 


We have only trapped 2 mice in the Reserve for the month but 4 possums and 3 rats have been trapped on neighbouring properties. We have seen several Asian Paper Wasps and nests now, so will try and reduce them as they will be eating other insects, caterpillars etc.  


Please keep cutting these, especially Boneseed (saltbush), non-native Broom(yellow flowers), Fennel and Blackberry. Spur Valerian (see attachment to covering letter) is also now flowering throughout our community (especially on roadsides) and will soon turn to fluffy seed and get wind-blown to a wider area. It is hard to pull out, so concentrate now on cutting off the flowers, containing in a bag and putting in your Red rubbish bin. 


The tracks and firebreaks were cut this month, but unlike the cut in the previous month, significant damage was done to many seedlings through cutting in areas not meant to be cut and cutting the tracks about 2m wide instead of 1m. We have raised our concerns yet again with Council Officers and will pursue the matter further.  


Check out the Redcliffs Residents Association Pledges List for residents (attached) . This is a great opportunity for everyone to make a start on reducing their emissions and keeping our planet healthy for future generations.  


We now have 175 supporters on our email list and look forward to having more volunteers join us for a chat and helping hand on our future working bees. You are sure to find it very satisfying, planting and caring for native trees and wildlife and restoring the Reserve to its former glory, especially for the local community.   If you want to volunteer any time or resources to this long-term community project, contact Dave Bryce 021363498 or email: ecosolutions@xtra.co.nz. 

CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE www.draytonreservevolunteers.org.nz 

We have started getting this up to date and keeping it current.